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Our Refund Policy; 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The following are the refund policies of StudyMEDIC Academy (P) Ltd (hereafter mentioned as StudyMEDIC or the COMPANY or WE), an award-winning training provider for national and international medical courses. We understand that, sometimes, things may go wrong from either side –from the students’ or from the company’s side.

Under any circumstances, we keep cent percent transparency in our refund policies that are mentioned below. Our refund policies clearly indicate the circumstances under which you can get the refund or under what circumstances you are not eligible for a refund.

Applications for refunds shall be scrutinized by the Company and after analyzing and finding out the application to be valid, the company may initiate the full or partial refund. If the applications are not found satisfactory, the company may not approve the request for refund.

We have no hidden charges or agenda for refunds and everything and every point is detailed below. In all circumstances, we strive hard to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers/students.

The discretion to approve or discard any refund applications shall solely be entitled to the Company and hence each one should read our refund policies before making any fund transfers.

Refund Policies

Though our refund policies vary depending on the mode of subscription, our policies are applicable to each course, subscription of course products, and any other paid service we offer. If you have subscribed to our course, then you can apply for a refund from StudyMEDIC under the following circumstances.

1. Students’ Refund Policy for Courses

StudyMEDIC may give refunds to students under the following circumstances.

Terms & Conditions of Our Refund Policy

  1. We shall refund the full amount under circumstances if any course is called off or cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances such as technical issues, National/ International bans, or revised policies, etc. where the student has no role in it.

  2. We shall refund the full amount if the Organization is not able to provide the mentioned course within the schedule committed.

  3. If a student cancels the registration 5 Days before the commencement of a course, they will be refunded after deducting 40% of the agreed course fee.

  4. No Refunds shall be provided after 5 days from the commencement date of the course

  5. Course Freeze and Batch Change requests shall be applicable only for a period of 30 days from the course commencement date.  Any requests within this time frame shall be deducted with 30% of the agreed course fees.

  6. No Course Freeze or Batch Change requests after 30 days from the course commencement date shall be approved.

  7. Any Course freeze or batch change requests before the course commencement date shall be done free of cost.

  8. Any Cases related to Refund, Course Freeze or Batch Change shall be emailed to “”. TAT (time for response) shall be 24-48 hours.

2. Student’s Refund Policy for Subscriptions and Products

  1. No Refunds shall be provided to students for study material, test series, and e-course subscriptions & Premium products

Frequently Asked Questions about Refunds!

How Do I Get Payment Back?

Once your request for refund is approved, the company will initiate the refund either to your bank, credit card or the original method of payment. You can also request to update the payment details if you want to get the refund to another bank account, provided that the other account also is in the same name of the payee.

Will I get the full amount in refund?

No, deductions shall be applicable from the course fees as per Section 1 of this page. Tax fees are also non-refundable.

How to Request a Refund?

You can request for a refund by filling out the following form. Or by emailing to “”

    How long refunds take?

    Once the company approves your request for refund, the refund process will be initiated by the finance team. You will get the refund in your credit/debit card, bank account which you have submitted or to the original method of payment. Refunds will normally take 30 to 45 working days, but may vary depending on your bank’s policy.

    Termination on Fraudulent Usage

    We may cancel or terminate your subscription if found someone else is using our services. Our subscriptions are for single use and only the SUBSCRIBER /STUDENT alone should access our products and courses. Sharing the login credentials to other persons goes against our policy and we may cancel the access to our product or course to students who violate this rule. Under this circumstance, no refunds will be issued.

    Students should secure your account/subscription with proper authorization. Any breach of our policies will result in termination of our service with no refund. Securing one’s account remains the prime responsibility of the student. He or she shall not share his login credentials to anyone else under any circumstances.

    Note to Remember

    The discretion of refunds shall be solely entitled with the organization alone and the organization will decide the refunds to all eligible candidates only on valid reasons. We update the policy over time, and hence we request you to carefully read the policy before you make the purchase, so as to avoid all sorts of future hassles.

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